printing in color

printing in color

Postby fagg » Tue Dec 16, 2008 7:25 am

I am a non professional fivetech user
I program the print jobs with ' print oprn...'
How can I print fonts in colors??
Thanks for any help
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Re: printing in color

Postby Antonio Linares » Sun Jan 25, 2009 6:26 am


Class TPrinter Method Say() supports the use of colors:
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METHOD Say( nRow, nCol, cText, oFont,;
        nWidth, nClrText, nBkMode, nPad ) CLASS TPrinter

where nClrText is the desired color to use:

oPrinter:Say( 2, 2, "Hello world", oFont, 100, CLR_RED )

There are some predefined colors CLR_... or you can specify the one that you want using:
nRGB( nRedValue, nGreenValue, nBlueValue )
nRGB( 128, 100, 50 )
regards, saludos

Antonio Linares
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