In Urgent Need of a FiveWin Consultant

In Urgent Need of a FiveWin Consultant

Postby gamepipe » Fri Jun 05, 2009 8:39 am

Hi there,

We have a 16-bit Clipper application originally built with Clip4Win that no longer runs on the 64 Bit Windows Vista.
We have a pretty big membership base that are beginning to drop like flies because the app won't work in 64 bit mode.

I would like to immediately hire someone who can come into this project and convert the existing Clip4Win code over to
FiveWin, or, if that's too difficult, perhaps show me how to do 3-4 .PRG's and I'll do the rest, and hire you as a part-time

Initial goals is to get the existing .PRG files running in 32 bit mode.

I've already invested time with Antonio, who had almost finished the porting of the code, but then the project went on
the backburner and it stalled for awhile. Now, due to the 64 bit Windows hitting the open market, I have no time lift
and have been forced to the take project and get it done.

For more information, please email me at info "at"

Note: You can view the software application we've designed at

This was done many many years ago ;-)

Thanks so much to anyone who can help us.

-Mark @ GamePipe
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Re: In Urgent Need of a FiveWin Consultant

Postby James Bott » Wed Jul 22, 2009 4:52 pm


If you are still in need of a consultant, I am interested. I have been an independent computer consultant for 24 years and I program in Fivewin. For more info and my email address see my website:

I'm sure many of the forum members here will vouch for my Fivewin expertise.

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James Bott
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Re: In Urgent Need of a FiveWin Consultant

Postby Badara Thiam » Sun Sep 13, 2009 3:48 pm


I can translate your Clip4win code to Fivewin code if you need someone
to do it. I write in Clipper code since 23 years. Before than i develop
with Fivewin to translate DOS code to Windows code (6 years ago), i develop
in this way with Clip4win. Today i can produce DOs, Windows 16 bit and Windows 32 bit
with more 90 % of the same code.

Badara Thiam
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Badara Thiam
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