New FTDN July/Julio 2010 (FWH 10.7)

New FTDN July/Julio 2010 (FWH 10.7)

Postby Antonio Linares » Wed Jul 28, 2010 5:00 am

July 2010

* Enhancement: Class TOutLook2003 popup menu is now properly aligned to the height and width
of the control. Commented in the forums thread:


* Fix: Minor fix in Class TExplorerBar to avoid placing a vertical scrollbar when placed on
a MdiFrame window.

* New: samples\invoices.prg shows how to use the ButtonBar, the ExplorerBar, the Titles and
the browses in a MDI environment. Very nice example! :-)

* Fix: Minor fix in Class TExplorerBar Method ParentResize() when there are no panels defined

* Enhancement: samples\Test2003.prg has been enhanced to place a TExplorerBar object inside
one of the control OutLook2003 dialogs:


* New: function FWWaterMark( hBitmap ) -> hNewBitmap, returns a new bitmap with alpha channel
added. Then you can use hNewBitmap with function ABPaint() and set level transparence. Please
review samples\Testwmar.prg ... wwatermark

* New: samples\ribbon3.prg shows how to use different RibbonBars on a MDI environment,
swaping from one RibbonBar to a different one when a new MdiChild is created or focused.
Based on an example developed by Gilbert!

* Enhancement: Class TComboBox incremental search is optionally case insensitive now.
There is a new DATA lCaseSensitive .F. by default. Thanks to James Bott!

* Enhancement: Class TRBGroup (used in RibbonBars) does not reuse the brush of the RibbonBar,
so when it gets destroyed, it does not destroy the RibbonBar brush.

* Fix: samples\GradBrus.prg was failing when Alt was pressed or the mouse was clicked on a
radio or a checkbox. We have modified Class TControl Method HandleEvent() to solve it.

* Fix: Sometimes the mouse got captured when using function SkinButtons() amd clicking very
fast on a button. Now it is ok.

* Fix: Required change in Class TRBGroup METHOD CalPos(), many thanks to Gilbert!

* Enhancement: Buttons (Class TRBtn) used from the RibbonBar, toggle the show/hide of their
related popup menu, if defined. Please review samples\ribbon.prg

* New: RibbonBar's BackStage commands to manage it, supporting buttons and actions.
Please review include\ Documentation available in the FiveTech's wiki: ... _backstage

* xbrowse.prg

- Fixed: When columns are stretched, the stretched column's width is not resized. Fixed.
- Fixed: ReArrangeCols() logic and runtime errors are fixed.
- Improvement: Automatic tag recongition improved to find the proper tag when 'field->' is used
in index expression.

* New: XbrCode.Prg, Class TXbrCode derived from TXBrowse useful for generation of XBrowse code.
Method PrgCode() returns an array of 4 elements, containing (1) XBrowse code in listbox syle
of command, (2) using ADD COLUMN syntax, (3) Oops style and (4) Report code.

* New program XBrGen.Prg in samples folder uses this derived class to design and generate
xbrowse / report code from any selected DBF file.

This utility is useful for generating crisp and error free code for xbrowse / report.

* New: Support for TDolphin classes to manager Mysql, review samples/testdol.prg

* Fix: Ribbonbar, in Method BackStage, now is bring to top oBackStage panel
added "LINECOLORS" clause in ADD BUTTON command

* Improved: Function MsgList, now we can set default item selected and define Cancel button
function MsgList( aData, cTitle, nTop, nLeft, nBottom, nRight, cBtnTitle, nItem, lCancel, cCapCan )
nItem -> preselected item
lCancel -> define Cancel button
cCapCan -> Cancel Button caption

Please review samples/testml.prg

* New: function EnumChildWindows( hWnd, bCodeBlock [,<nParam>] ). Where bCodeBlock receives hWnd as
the first parameter, a different value for each child windows. It supports the Windows API function:

Please review samples\GetApps.prg

* New: Included the FWH libraries for MinGW (gcc).
regards, saludos

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