New FTDN July/Julio 2015 (FWH 15.07)

New FTDN July/Julio 2015 (FWH 15.07)

Postby Antonio Linares » Wed Aug 12, 2015 7:02 pm

July 2015

* New: function CenterMsgs() will center all MsgInfo(), Msg... messages
in the container window or dialog:


Please call UNHOOKWINDOWSHOOKEX() before exiting the app

* Fix: XBrowse.prg method SetArray: While providing support for pivot tables,
by mistake the support for browsing hashes stopped working. Fixed now.

* Enhancement: Folder.prg: While creating a folder it is now possible to
specify an array of prompts instead of list of prompts.

* Fix: function Reprint() was not properly supporting 64 bits. Now it is ok.

* Enhancement: New data on TMenu :: lBorder to paint or the lower edge of the main menu

* Enhancement: New clause of MENUITEM command in MENU.CH: HSYSBITMAP,
can add a bitmap resource system to a menuitem, OBM_RESTORED type OBM_CLOSE etc.

* New: function SysBitMap( n ) -> hBitmap , will load bitmap resources system

* Fix: Method NewSys of TMENU

* New: METHOD SetColors in class TMENU, will an array of colors MENU

* Enhancement: SkinMenu2013 default colors

* New: samples of use TMENU new
mnusys00.prg, mnusys01.prg, mnusys02.prg, mnusys03.prg, mnusys04.prg
mnusys05.prg, mnusys06.prg

* Enhancement: modify class TGET will implementation C5ToolTip

* New: sample C5tooltp.prg

* New: clausule [ HEIGHTGET <nHGet> ] ; in COMBOBOX command
will define height of Get of the Combobox without changing the font
Foul by modifying the height of the items

* Samples: testcmb0.prg, testcmb1.prg height combobox

* New functions in file: NONCLIENT.C
Parameters GETNONCLIENT( nPos ) -> look nPos in the struct NONCLIENTMETRICS
Parameters SETNONCLIENT( nPos , uVal, bActWinIni )
- SETWHSCROLL( hWnd , nPos , nVal, ActWinIni ) will modify width Scroll bar width
and save and update win.ini or not
- ISTACTIL() -> lYes, lNo, will
It detects whether the device has a touch screen or not (in testing)

* Fix: btnbmp.prg: Minor bug in oWnd:SayText() in vertical centering multiline text is fixed.

* Enhancement: xbrowse.prg: Added parameter lRowSel to bPaintText. When true it indicates painging
of focused row.
regards, saludos

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