New FTDN October/Octubre 2015 (FWH 15.10)

New FTDN October/Octubre 2015 (FWH 15.10)

Postby Antonio Linares » Sat Dec 05, 2015 11:27 am

November 2015

* Enhancement: TMenuitem, allows use of bmps, pngs, jpgs
Thanks to Manuel Alvarez ( mastintin )

* Enhancement: function ABPaint() now accepts a sixth and seventh parameters to
directly resize the painted image. Thanks to Enrico!

* Enhancement: TXImage: Can now be created from resource.
New data lUseGDI default .t. If set to .f., uses FI

* New function FW_UTF8PADR( cText, nBytes )

* Fix: Errsysw.prg: Function SetErrorFileName(cFile) was not setting the new file
name. Fixed. Thanks Mr Enrico viewtopic.php?f=3&t=31583

Enhancement: SQL INSERT command. Now column names are optional.
New: SQL INSERT INTO <table> [( <colnames> )] ARRAY aData
for Bulk Inserts

* Enhancement: Cuebanners of TGet and TEdit now support Unicode also.

* New functions: StrToWide() and WideToStr(). Appropriately use Ansi/Unicode functionality

* Enhancements Edit control: Additional clauses RIGHT,CENTER,UPPERCASE,NUMBER,UPDATE

* New: TClipBoard new method SetWideText( cTextW )

* Enhancement: Added unicode support for XBrowse ToExcel() method when lExcelCellWise is
set to .T.

* Fix: Excess Release Font in TMsgItem, fixed

* Enhancement: Clausule HEIGHT for MENU - Define Height of Items
Use: MENU oMenu HEIGHT 2 ( default 1.66 )

* New: Function SourceEdit, control editor Scintila in MemoEdit.Prg
Example in Fivedit.prg

* Enhancement: Class TScintilla, added numerous news methods and datas for full
support new FivEdit Editor
Added Unicode characters and files support

* New: Fivedit.prg full code Editor
See pre- and post messages

* Change Old Fivedit.prg to Fivedit0.prg, now support new Class TScintilla

* Fix: XBrowse.prg: When block of data is copied from Excel sheet and pasted
into xbrowse, run-time error occurs with xHarbour. Fixed in static
function ClipTextAsArray( cText )

* Fix: ComboMetro class: Fixed wrong detection of sort status of the
combobox items.

* RDDADS related workarounds in xbrowse.prg and database.prg:
It is noticed that when OrdSetFocus() is empty, OrdKeyGoTo() errors out
in Harbour version of RDDADS. While the function does not error out
in xHarbour version, the function does not work when OrdSetFocus() is
empty. Suitable workarounds are attempted in xbrowse.prg and database.prg.

* Enhancement: XBrowse: Vertical fonts in cells are now painted as expected.

* Enhancement: oWnd:SayText(...) can now paint multi-line text also with
vertical fonts.

October 2015 ( 15.09 revised build - 4 )

* Fix: Menus in Windows XP

* New: Samples Multilin0.prg and MenuClr.prg

* New: TPrinter class new methods:
1) SayText( nRow, nCol, cText, [nWidth], [nHeight], [oFont], [cAlign], [nClrText], [nClrBack] )
Prints multi-line text with word-wrap in the rectangle formed by nRow,nCol,nWidth,nHeight.
By default width and height are limited to 90% of the page-size.
By default the text is aligned to Top-Left of the rectangle.

2) PrintImage( nRow, nCol, uImage, nWidth, nHeight, lStretch, nAlpha, lTransp, lGray )
Alternative method to SayImage.
Accepts any image file, resource, memory buffer, bitmap handle, TBitmap or TImage
or TXImage Object and does not require freeimage.dll.

3) SayBitmap method improved. Now SayBitmap also accepts any image file, resource,
memory buffer or bitmap handle and does not require freeimage.dll

* Fixes for Unicode support:
1) Combobox with bitmaps
2) Password Gets

* Fix: MsgBar: Vertical centering of messages, prompts and bitmaps rectified.

October 2015 ( 15.09 revised build)

* Enhancement: Menus and other controls full support unicode

* Enhancement: Menus full compatibility Backward

* Enhancement: Menus Items Multiline

* Enhancement: Unused VBX functions have been removed from dialog.prg

* Enhancement: function MemoEdit() for FWH 64 was shown in a different way
from 32 bits. Now it is ok.
regards, saludos

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