New FTDN December/Diciembre 2015 (FWH 15.12)

New FTDN December/Diciembre 2015 (FWH 15.12)

Postby Antonio Linares » Sun Jan 03, 2016 11:03 am

December 2015

* XBrowse:

- Fix: Long standing bug. Nonalpha bitmaps are not painted in rows
selected in multi-selection. fixed.

- Fix: Bug introduced in 15.11 while painting highlighted row when
oBrw:lTransparent is .t.. Fixed

- Fix: Bug introduced in 15.11: Sort bitmaps are not painted. Fixed.

- Enhancement: When sort bitmap is painted in Header, the header bitmap
assigned if any is not being painted in earlier versions. Now both
are painted.

- Enhancement Alpha property of bitmaps set for EDIT_LISTBOX.EDIT_GET
is considered now. viewtopic.php?f=6&t=31758

* Enhancement: TSwitch: Painted focus rectangle when focused. Space key also
toggles value

* Enhancement: Class TGet COLOR_GRAYTEXT constant use changed into a CLASSDATA
::nClrGrayText as per Tim Stone requirement

* New function ScreenSize( lInches ) --> Diagonal size of device in mm/inches

* Enhancement: BOLD, ITALIC letter font in MENUITEMS

* Enhancement: COLORS of MENUITEMS fixed

* Enhancement: SEPARATOR with Text or images in menus

* Fix FivEdit bug: path for files .obj generate

* New: TScintila new data nMnuStyle

* Enhancement: Font object can now be created from hFont.
Eg: oFont := TFont():New( hFont )

* Enhancement: Usage of TransBmp() simplified. It is not necessary to call
SetBkColor(), SetTextColor() etc and not necessary to provide zerozeroclr
before calling TransBmp() function.
regards, saludos

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