New FTDN May/Mayo 2016 (FWH 16.05)

New FTDN May/Mayo 2016 (FWH 16.05)

Postby Antonio Linares » Mon Jul 04, 2016 10:11 pm

May 2016

* XBrowse:
New: DATA lFastDraw (default .F. )
When set to .T., screen rendering of the browse is very fast.
But this can be set to .T. only when (a) background color of
all the cells are the same as oBrw:nClrPane, (b) all columns
use oBrw:oFont, (c) every column contains either single line
text or a single bitmap. Programmer has to decide when to use
this switch.

Fix: When an array browse is created without defining columns,
xbrowse defaluts to create the columns by re-executing SetArray()
In such cases, bKeyDown assigned by the user is replaced by
SetArray() method. (16.03 and 16.04). Fixed

* Fix: a GET with a tooltip was wrongly positioning the caret
when VK_END was pressed and the tooltip had been previously shown:


* Enhancement: XBROWSER now has new clauses NOMODAL and AUTOFIT.

* Enhancement: When buttonbar is created in a Dialog, it is not
any more necessary to call oDlg:Resize() in ON INIT clause.

* Enhancement: BtnBmp:bColorMap can also be simple array

* adofuncs.prg:
- Enhancement: When FW_SetUnicode() is true, MYSQL is connected
with Unicode driver.
- Enhancement: Field type adGUID also is now handled in functions
FieldTypeAdoToDbf() and FWAdoFieldStruct().
- New function FW_AdoCatalogs( oCn ) --> aCatalogs() // (databases)

* Enhancement: samples\FiveDBU.prg now allows to open a NTX file.

* Fix: function RichEdit() was not saving the richedit changes. Now
it is ok. To save the changes simply press on the buttonbar save
button. This function will return TRUE if the changes were saved.

* Enhancement: TXBrowse method ToExcel() now exports images also.

* Enhancement: TEdit control: Addtional clauses
(1) [ <limittext: LIMITTEXT> [ BY <nchars> CHARS ] ]
By default, Edit control does not limit the characters entered like'
TGet. When LIMITTEXT clause is used, the input is limited to the
number of characters in the variable. If BY <n> CHARS is used then
the input is limited to the specified number of characters.
Note: The limit applies to number of characters but not bytes.
While this does not make difference in ANSI mode, the number of bytes
entered can be more than the number of characters, because <n> unicode
characters can take more than <n> bytes.
(2) WHEN and VALID clauses added
(3) New methods VarPut() and cText

* Enhancement: TGet control: Additional clauses useful for Unicode
(1) ANSI: In a Unicode application default to Unicode input. Such Gets
can not support picture clauses except "@!". Specifying ANSI clause
forces the Get to be ANSI Get and all features of standard ANSI Get
are available.
(2) LIMITBYCHARS .t. / .f.
By default input of text is restricted to length of the initial
string in Bytes. When LIMITBYCHARS .t. is used, input is restricted
number of characters and not bytes. It is possible to enter Unicode
text in excess of the byte-length of the initial value.
Note: Using or not using the above classes has no effect in an ANSI

* FW_NUMTOWORDS() function was not working only with MSVC 32 bits.
Now works with MSVC 32 bits also.

* Enhancement: Class TGrpah new Methods ResizeSerie( nNewSize ), allows to change the number
of series of the graphic, usefull for dynamic changes. Method Save2XLS(), exports to Excel,
though actually it generates a lines graphic, but the type can be changed according this info: ... =office.12).aspx

Many thanks to Angel!

* New: TRichEdit5
DATA lShowPageBreak
METHOD Merge( cFileNew, aFields, aVars, cAlias )
METHOD HidePageBreak() // First test
METHOD ImportExcel( nOp, nH )
METHOD ImportWord( nOp )
METHOD SaveAs( cFile )
METHOD SetNotModify()
METHOD ShowPageBreak() // First Test
METHOD ViewDbf( cFile )

- Modyfied
METHOD SetClear()

* MARIADB/MYSQL connectivity:
- For the convenience of our users, FWH now provides inbuilt
connectivity to MariaDB/MySql server without using any 3rd party
libs. Works with both MariaDB and MySql servers.

- The functionality is available with bcc7 xHarour and Harbour, bcc7 64
bit with Harbour and MSVC 32 and 64 bits with Harbour. Yet to test with and gcc.

- The application needs to be linked with either libmariadb.lib or
libmysql.lib to be used with libmariadb.dll or libmysql.dll. It may be
noted that 64 bit versions of the lib and dll are to be used with 64 bit

- Users can still use any 3rd party library for mysql connectivity like
TMysql / Dolphin and this functionality does not at all conflict with such

- It is also possible to use FWH built-in fuctionality along side with such
3rd party libraries without any conflicts in the same application.

- For detailed documentation please see

- Users' feedback on any issues, problems and suggestions are the most
welcome and our team will attend to them as promptly as possible.
regards, saludos

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