New FTDN October/Octubre 2016 (FWH 16.10)

New FTDN October/Octubre 2016 (FWH 16.10)

Postby Antonio Linares » Tue Nov 01, 2016 10:35 am

October 2016 (FWH 16.10)


Connection Object New Methods:
-ListColumns( cTable, [lShow = .f.] ) --> aColumns
-CountActiveConnections() --> nActiveConnections
-ListProcess([lShow = .f.]) --> aList of current processes

- METHOD BackUp() is now made silent by default. In case of
error, oCn:nError is set to non-zero value, oCn:cError
is set with error information and returns .F..
If oCn:lLog or oCn:lLogErr is set to .T., the error is
logged to the default log file( oCn:cLogFile )
If oCn:lShowErrors or oCn:lShowMessages is set to .T.,
the error is displayed.

-RowSet Object New DATA lAutoExpand INIT .f.
When a rowset is opened with a limited number of records
with syntax
oCn:RowSet( cTable/cSql, nRows ),
the Rowset is expanded by additional records only
when the programmer executes oRs:ReadNext( [nRows] ).

If lAutoExpand is set to .T., then Skipping past the
present number of records automatically reads next
batch of records and expands the rowset automatically.

Only skip() expands the rowset but not GoTo() or KeyGoTo()
or GoBottom()

- Method EditBaseRecord( [cFields = *], [lNew=.f.], ;
[bEdit=nil], [oBrw=nil] )
Added new 4th optional param oBrw.
After edit, if a sorted column is modified, the record
is repositioned in the correct position.
If oBrw is specified, the browse is refreshed full or
current row only as required.


- Total implementation clausule ADJUST in TMenu
Now is possible use of all type images ( .ico included )
If not clausule ADJUST is added, images they are adjusted a left space of menu
Optimization and clean code
Samples Mnu01.prg and Mnu02.prg for test

- New clausule NOCENTER in MENU BAR for align item to LEFT

- Images painted gray in items not actives: fixed

- New functions for optimization paint images

* Fix: Fixed an error that sometimes appeared when the app was idle
for a long time. Now it is ok:


many thanks to Tiao and João


- New: METHOD MoveTab( nNewPos ) CLASS TFolderEX

Allow move actual Tab at new position
Look sample MOVEFOLD.PRG

- New: clausules definition FOLDEREX

[ <dlg: DIALOG, DIALOGS, PAGE, PAGES> <cDlgsName,...> ] ;
[ <lBorder: NOBORDER > ] ;
[ COLOR <nClrPane> ] ;

- Fix: multiline in PROMPT tab FOLDEREX
( only in TOP, BOTTOM align position Tabs in this version )

* Fix: Class TGet Method KeyChar(), solved a long time standing
bug with dates. Now GETs with dates are working fine:


* XBrowse:
New Method GoFirstEditCol()
regards, saludos

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