New FTDN January/Enero 2017 (FWH 17.01)

New FTDN January/Enero 2017 (FWH 17.01)

Postby Antonio Linares » Wed Jan 25, 2017 8:37 am

January 2017

* MENUS: Added clausule COLORBOX


* New: METHOD SetChangePrompt (cText) CLASS TMenuItem

Adjust width item when prompt of item is changed: added


These added features make it easy to make dynamic menus

* New: definition and/or modification prompt item with codeblock
or array values


* New: METHOD RestorePrompt() CLASS TMenuItem

Restore prompt at previous value

* Fix: file crc.c was not included in FWH. Now it is inside again:


* Enhancement: Class TDbCombo support for bKeyChar event:


* Enhancement: Class TDbCombo supports bLostFocus event:


* Enhancement: removed calls to Lfn2Sfn() from Class TGraph:


* Enhancement: Errors logs now include the used C compiler:


* New: New makefile for Harbour + FWH + BCC7 in FWH\makes\


* New samples/xbrprogd.prg: use xbrowse as meter


* Enhancement: ToolTips.
Since FWH 8.03 it is possible to assign text, array or
codeblock returning text or array to obj:cToolTip.
By assigning array, it is possible to specify title, icon,
text and back colors. The functionality is now extended by
adding 3 more elements to specify max width, delay time
and delay type.
Array Specification {
1. ToolTip Text: Maximum 99 characters
[2. Title, [3. Icon]]
Icon can be a constant ( 0.TTI_NONE, 1.TTI_INFO,
Valid GDI Handle of an Icon
Icon file name or Icon name from resource
[4.Text Color]
[5.Back Color]
[6.Max Width in pixels]
[7.Delay time in milli seconds

- New: XBrColumn new DATA bCellToolTip: CodeBlock to return
tooltip text.
To show tooltip when mouse hovers over a cell. This supercedes
oCol:bTooTip, which is depricated.
Using bToolTip requires the programmer to write a separate
function to naviato the mouse over row, pick the text and re-
navicate to the current row, which is confusing and error-prone.
In case of bCellToolTip, xbrowse first navigates to the mouse
over row and then evaluates the codeblock with mouse over column
object as parameter and returns to the current row. This
simplifies the programmer's job.

It is suggested to use bCellToolTip in future development instead
of bToolTip.

Example usage:
oCol:bCellToolTip := { |oCol| cValToChar( oCol:Value ) }
- Fix: Painting of column header while swapping columns is incorrect
due to a bug introduced in FWH15.10. Fixed.

- Enhancement: MakeTotals() and ReCalcTotals()
When a column is modified inline, the total of that
column alone is incrementatlly modified and footer
of that column was being refreshed. Now all affected
columns are automatically incrementally modified
and footers refreshed.
This was applicable to inline edits only. If the
programmer directly modifies values of the database
or appends or deletes, the programmer had to specifically
call Maketotals(), which is a slow process and call
refreshfooters() in his program.
Now, when oBrw:Delete() is used to delete a row, the
totals are automatically incrementally recalculated and
footers refreshed.
When database is modified or appended using the datarow
object, i.e., by calling oBrw:EditSource( .t./ .f. ),
the totals are automatically incrementally retotalled
without any extra code from the programmer.
If the programmer does not use built-in datarow but
uses his own way of editing or appending data then:
Call oBrw:SaveTots( .t. ) // .t. before appending
Append data
Call oBrw:ReCalcTotals() // faster than make totals
Call oBrw:SaveTots()
Modify data
Call oBrw:ReCalcTotals()

* Fix: xbrowser.prg. All the 6 bitmaps created are not being released.
fixed now.
regards, saludos

Antonio Linares
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Re: New FTDN January/Enero 2017 (FWH 17.01)

Postby Antonio Linares » Tue Jan 31, 2017 11:50 am

FWH 17.01 build 2

- New Data: oCol:Var
This can be used in a Get as
@ r,c GET oBrw:cHeader:Var PICTURE .....
Input into this Get is equivalent to inline edit
of the cell.

* Fix: XBrowse.prg: Fixed inaccurate compuation of cell coordinates
while using lSeekBar or lGetBar

* Fix: Spaces between image and prompt in menuitems of menu principal

* Fix: resources in menuitems of menu principal
when the height of the images is greater than the height of the menu,
it makes the width of the item larger

* Fix: colors in menu principal mdichild

* Fix: Icon Sysmenu in menu principal of mdichild

* Fix: Width bitmaps in menus popup ( Adjust and not adjust clausule )

* New: implemented control TGif ( Method New modified )
( Thanks to Manuel Alvarez - Mastintin )
regards, saludos

Antonio Linares
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Antonio Linares
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