New FTDN March/Marzo 2017 (FWH 17.03)

New FTDN March/Marzo 2017 (FWH 17.03)

Postby Antonio Linares » Wed Mar 29, 2017 10:06 am

March 2017

* New: New samples\buildh32.bat for Visual Studio Community 2017.

Please remember to download and use this Harbour for VSC2017: ...

* Fix: Class TFGet was directly assigning a font. Now it is ok. Thanks
to Günther:


- New DATAS: nRefreshSecs, nSaveSecs: Indicate time taken for last full
page refresh and last data saved by inline edit.

- Enhanced: ToExce() method now exports Group Headers also if any

- Export to PDF through Excel:
METHOD ToExcel( bProgress, nGroupBy, aCols, lShow, cPDF, bPrePDF )
New 5th and 6th parameters pdffilename and an optional codeblock to
evaluate prior to generation of pdf. This codeblock, if specified,
is evaluated with excel sheet object and browse object as paramters.

Limitations: The limitations are due to Excel. (a) Headers are not
repeated on each page (b) if all columns do not fit into one page
(portrait mode) the data is split into separate pages.
So this option is suitable for small tables.

- Improved function XbrHexEdit( [@]cData, [cTitle], [lEdit = .f.] ) --> cData
a) Dialog can be resized
b) Seek fixed

- New DATA lFullPaint INIT .f.

- Hashes can now be edited.

New DATA: nSaveSecs: Indicate time taken for last Save/Refresh operation

* BtnBmp: Grayed bitmaps on buttons without 2007 style using large images
requiring resizing are not painted correctly. Fixed
See viewtopic.php?f=3&t=33179

- Now works with GCC also

- At time of connection, session timezone is set to local time of zone of the
PC connecting to the server. This resolves many possible issues with
consistency of timestamp values internationally while using cloud servers.

- Encrypted Backup and Restore:
Optionally Backup file can be secured through a password and the file is
not human readable. This prevents unauthorized access of sensitive
data. The same password is required to restore the backup.

Before backup or restore, password is to be setup an cleared after backup
or restore;

function MYSQL_CRYPTKEY( [cKey] ) --> cOldKey
-Calling the function without any parameter returns the existing key.
-Calling the function with any character value of length 6 or more sets
the new key. Maximum length accepted is 32 characters and excess are
-Calling the function wih any other parameter (eg: nil, "") clears the
password (key).

- Introduced new class RecSet. For details please see
This class will be fully ready by 17.04. Now it can be used with some
1. Edits possible, but not appends
2. Sorts, filters, incremental seeks/filters not yet supported.

This version enables connecting to embedded server.
For full details please see:

- MySql/MariaDB samples:
Samples maria01 to maria08.prg now use a server in the cloud. Therefore
you can test the functionality even if you do not have access to a server.
Please note that this server is slow but enough to test the

* Fix: imgtxtio.prg:
- GDI+ function to read image from file is creating GPF in case file's
contents do not correspond to the extention. Fixed.
- function WebPageContents(): Added TRY/CATCH to avoid run-time error in
case of invalid URLs.

News METHODs in class GRAPHICS ( Thanks to Manuel Alvarez )
- Contructors

METHOD NewWnd( hWnd, lNoHighQuality, lImc ) CONSTRUCTOR
METHOD NewImg( hImg, lNoHighQuality ) CONSTRUCTOR
METHOD NewFromWnd( oWnd, lNoHighQuality ) CONSTRUCTOR

- Other Methods

METHOD DrawText( cText, nTop, nLeft,cFont, nFontsize, oBrush )
METHOD SetSmoothingMode( nSmoothingMode )
METHOD Translate( nRow, nCol )
METHOD Rotate( nAngle )
regards, saludos

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