New FTDN April/Abril 2017 (FWH 17.04)

New FTDN April/Abril 2017 (FWH 17.04)

Postby Antonio Linares » Mon May 01, 2017 10:38 pm

April 2017

* Enhancement: Class TRibbonBar Method LDblClick() has been enhanced so double
clicking on the the ribbonbar tabs, the ribbonbar height toggles:


Please review samples\rbdesign.prg for an example of use

* Enhancement: function ABPaint() now returns a logical value to know
the result of the call to function AlphaBlend() used from ABPaint(): ... 51(v=vs.85).aspx


* Fix: METHOD Refresh() CLASS TRadMenu was evaluating DATA bChange and it
is not needed. Now it is ok:


- METHOD RenameColumn( cTable, cOldName, cNewName ) was not working. Fixed.
- While browsing rowset, if the rowset is swapped with another rowset
during runtime, the codeblock for saving data was not being redirected
to the new rowset. Fixed now in xbrowse.prg
- Improvements in auto-reconnection in case of disconnections.
- While creating table or importing table from dbf, 2 bytes extra width
is provided for decimal fields. Fixed now
Rowset data aStructure displays numeric column width following DBF
convention and oRs:Field(x):Precision matches ADO convention.
- NEW: oRs:Sort, oRs:ordSetFocus( c ), oRs:SetOrder( c ) can now
use multiple columns.
- New: RowSet New Method: XbrAddColumn( oBrw, cCol, cHeader )
- New: RowSet New Method:
oRs:ResyncWhere( cwhere ) --> lSuccess
oRs:ResyncWhere( cFldName, uVal ) --> lSuccess
a) cWhere condition should resolve to a single record.
b) If cwhere resolves to a record already in the rowset, record pointer
is positioned on that record and updated from the server.
c) Otherwise, if a new record exists in the table, which is not
already included in the rowset, the record is read from the table
and appended to the rowset.
- Enhanced: Method EditBaseRecord() automatially updates browse totals
where applicable.

* adofuncs.prg
- While creating table or importing table from dbf, 2 bytes extra width
is provided for decimal fields. Fixed now

* bar.prg:
- Codeblock bPainted is being called twice in case if buttonbars
with non-200? style. Duplicate call is now removed. bPainted was
evaluated with only one parameter hDC. Now it is evaluated with 3
parameters hDC, hPS, Self as in other cases.

- If NOBORDER clause is specified while defining buttonbar, the
style is inherited by all buttons. This avoids the need to specify
the clause for each button.

* New: Groups of buttons on Buttonbars can be assigned labels, which
are painted below the group. The label is to defined while defining
first button of the group.
DEFINE BUTTON OF oBar ........ [ GROUP [ LABEL "GroupLabel [COLORS f,b] ] ]"
While defining the buttonbar total height of the bar is also to be
defined with HEIGHT clause and this height to be heigher than the
buttonheight enough to accommodate height of the font.
Optionally a font can be assigned to oBar:oGrpFont for painting the
group labels. Programmer has to release this font after the window is

Also see viewtopic.php?f=3&t=33957
for a working example.

* New: One or more buttons in the last can be right aligned on the
buttonbar. We need to specify the clause BTNRIGHT. This button and next
buttons are aligned to the right of the bar.
This feature applies only when buttonbar is on TOP of BOTTOM and only
for styles 2007 and above/

* New: TGet class: New CLASSDATA lDefaultANSI INIT .f.
Applies to Unicode applications only.
In a Unicode appplication, Gets of character values default to Unicode text,
unless the clause CHRGRP CHR_ANSI is specified. This may be inconvenient for
applications which are predominantly ANSI but dealing with Unicode in a few
modules and Gets. In case of such applications, TGet():lDefaultANSI may be
set to .T. and specific gets may be enabled for Unicode by specifying CHRGRP

* New: BtnBmp: We can now use Segoe MDL2 Assets fonts, Segoe UI Symbol fonts
or WingDing fonts as bitmaps.
Usage: DEFINE BUTTON OF oBar FILE/RESOURCE nChr <other clauses>
@ r,c, BTNBMP <clauses> FILE/RESOURCE nChr <other clauses>
For WingDings add 0x10000 or 0x20000 or 0x30000 to the asc value of the
character for WingDings, WingDings 2, WingDings 3

* New: TMenu: New METHOD DelItem
* Enhancement: MenuItem: adjust left side of items when bitmaps have different width
regards, saludos

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