New FTDN November/Noviembre (FWH 17.11)

New FTDN November/Noviembre (FWH 17.11)

Postby Antonio Linares » Mon Nov 27, 2017 7:21 pm

November 2017


- method GoRight(): Speed improved.

- static function ArrayCalcWidths() changed as method.

- Text data is being Ltrimmed while painting. Now the leading
spaces in text are retained.

- New: DATA cBtnTooltip in CLASS TXBrwColumn:
If specified, used as tooltip for listbox/edit button tooltip.

- New DATA bToExcel: If specified the codeblock is executed by
oBrw:ToExcel(...) with the same parameters

- New DATA lPainted. True after first execution of Paint() method.

- Display of numeric values:

(a) When picture clause is specified and the value overflows
the picture, Transform() diplays stars '*' in the place of picture.
In such cases, xbrowse used to display the number in scientific
format so that the user does not miss viewing the value.
From this version, such values are displayed in the usual format
by expanding the size of picture clause.

(b) When picture clause is not specified (eg. arrays, hashes, excel
ranges, etc) the function cValToChar() is used to display the value.
As a result numeric values having more decimals are rounded off to
2 decimals (or SET DECIMALS TO). Now the new function cNumToStr() is
used which displays all the decimals upto a maximum of 10. In addition
numbers are formatted respecting the FWNumFormat() specification.

- Paste of text as numeric values: Clipboard text containing formatted
numbers either in American /European format are properly untranformed
and pasted into cell.

* Improved: TGet: Pasting in numeric Gets:
Clipboard text containing formatted numbers either in American
/European format are properly untranformed and pasted into the Get.

* New function cNumToStr( nVal ) --> cVal.
Converts a numeric value retaining full decimal precision and
formatting as specified in FWNumFormat().

FWNumFormat( "E", .t. )
n := 35/16
? cNumToStr( n ), cValToChar( n ) --> 2,1875 2.19

* New function nStrToNum( cNumericVal, [lEuropean] ) --> nVal
Optional Parameter lEuropean defaults to FWNumFormat()[ 1 ] == "E".
Converts any number formatted as string using either European
notation or American notation, retaining the full precision of
the decimal part. In almost all cases the function decides
whether the format is European or not, by examining the number and
position of "," and ".". In cases of ambiguity (eg nn,nnn and nn.nnn)
format is interpreted according the value of lEuropean.
c := "32,456.2359"
c1 := "32.456,2359"
? nStrToNum( c ), nStrToNum( c1 ) --> 32456.2359 31456.2359
? nStrToNum( "12,25%" ) --> 0.1225

* function GetExcelBook( cBook ) --> oBook:
In some cases oExcel:WorksBooks:Count() is returning nil, instead
of zero or numeric value resulting in runtime error. Fixed
regards, saludos

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