Bug in clausule COLORLEFT

Bug in clausule COLORLEFT

Postby cnavarro » Tue Mar 15, 2016 9:05 pm

At moment for new implementation of your code and only if you use clausule COLORLEFT <color>
If you use COLORLEFT <color1>, <color2>, not change
Please, change in MENU.CH

[ <oObjMenu> := ] MenuBegin( <.popup.>,, <oCtrl>, <.l2007.>, <.l2010.>,,; //<.lUnicode.>
<nClrMenu>, <nClrMenutxt>, ;
<nClrBkBa>, <nClrToBa>, <nClrHiLi>, <nClrHiLf>, ;
<nClrHitx>, <nClrHiBr>, <.lMenuBar.>, <oFont>, ;
<.lColors.>, <.lVert.>, <.l2013.>, <.l2015.>, ;
[!<.lNoBorder.>], <nClrToBr> ,<nClrBkBr>, <nRightSp>,;
<nFactor>, <nHeight>, [!<.lInherit.>], <.lInvert.>,;
<nRound>, <.lUpper.> ) // lUpper is implemented in next version

Muchas gracias. Many thanks.

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