crash in export date TXBrwColumn to excel

crash in export date TXBrwColumn to excel

Postby AntoninoP » Wed May 17, 2017 2:45 pm

Exporting to excel a xBrowse column of type Date, the program crashes in this line:
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oSheet:Cells( nRow, nCol ):NumberFormat   := Lower( Set( _SET_DATEFORMAT ) )

at begin of the
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METHOD ToExcel( oSheet, nRow, nCol ) CLASS TXBrwColumn

It is because I have excel in Italian and the dateFormat is like dd/mm/yyyy.
I put here the same fix I see in another place in the same file:
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     if lxlEnglish
        if ValType( ::cEditPicture ) == 'C' .and. Left( ::cEditPicture, 1 ) != '@'
           oSheet:Cells( nRow,nCol ):NumberFormat := Lower( ::cEditPicture )
           oSheet:Cells( nRow,nCol ):NumberFormat := Lower( Set( _SET_DATEFORMAT ) )

I see that for OOCalc export there is a GetNumberFormatId that convert it for localized formats, maybe we can do it for excel too...
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