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FiveTouch Q&A

Postby Antonio Linares » Wed Jan 25, 2017 7:35 am


I need an app for ipad or iphone
I made a program using extended minigui
so that my application could run on iphone or ipad I have to buy a product which in fivewin? whether fivetouch? what difference fivetouch and Fivetouch developer edition?

Is the extended minigui I had many changes to make it work in your iphone or ipad

thank you

FiveTouch uses Harbour and QT as the GUI, so you can not port your app to the (iOS) iphone/ipad as it is.
You have to change its GUI to use QT. So a basic QT learning is required. Here you have an easy QT for Harbour tutorial:

Standard FiveTouch (only for Android and Windows) is like dBase. You can run your PRGs from it but you
don't create a stand alone app.

With FiveTouch developer edition (iOS, Android and Windows) you can build your own apps.

We provide FiveTouch Android and Windows demos only (due to Apple license restrictions).
With FiveTouch you can easily code your app from Windows, and then run it on Windows, Android and iOS.
regards, saludos

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