FTDN renewal reminder

FTDN renewal reminder

Postby Antonio Linares » Wed Sep 21, 2016 11:28 am

Dear FTDN user,

This is just a reminder to renew your FTDN subscription with us.

Along these past months we have developed great features into FWH that will help you to easily improve your apps:

* MySQL and MariaDB full support. No need to use any external libs.

* Borland 64 bits support. If you love Borland simplicity, go for 64 bits now.

* Full unicode support. You can sell your app worldwide!

* Popup browses from your GETs and xbrowse cells ACTION buttons. This will save you lot of coding!

* Full support for Windows tablets. Your users will appreciate this.

* Incredibly eye catching menus. Your users will notice the difference.

* ADO support from FWH has never been such robust.

* Windows 10 Toast notifications.

* XBrowse is more and more powerfull and faster!

* And much more...

You will enjoy the new FWH more than ever! :-)

Many thanks for your support and your very valuable feedback,

We are proud to be your R+D team ;-)
regards, saludos

Antonio Linares
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